boat trailer

When the winter months are about to end, boating enthusiasts all over the country start to dewinterize their boats and get it in running condition. However, most of them forget about maintaining their boat trailers. These are responsible for transporting their boats to the waterfront from their garage. A faulty or poorly maintained boat trailer can not only cause damage to your boat, but can also cause a road accident.

Luckily, there isn’t a lot to do when inspecting your boat trailer and you can easily do it on your own with a little help. Let’s have a look at how you can inspect your boat trailer.

Start with the Brakes

Like anything that has wheels, you should inspect the brakes in your boat trailer first. Faulty brakes can delay your stopping time, and can also cause a collision. The first step is to clean up the trailer brakes to remove any dirt or debris that can reduce their effectiveness. Once you have done this, you can inspect the brake shoes or pads. If you can’t do it on your own, you can hire a professional to do so. If the brake shoes or pads are worn out, you should replace them immediately.

Check the Wheel Bearings

The next stop involves checking the wheel bearings to see if there is any rust or corrosion on them. If this is the case, then your wheels will produce a lot of friction when the trailer is hitched to your vehicle. This will also reduce the efficiency of your brakes. Therefore, invest in a pair of good-quality wheel bearing protectors that lubricate your wheel bearings as they move.

Inspect the Tires on the boat trailer

The tires have to bear a heavy load when you are carrying a boat on your boat trailer, which is why you should check them for any damage or wear and tear. If you notice anything wrong with them, it would be a good idea to replace them immediately. You should also check the air pressure of each tire to make sure that the trailer is well balanced.

Make sure to carry a spare tire with you. This is so that you don’t get stranded if one of the tires gets punctured midway. Not all boat trailers come with spare ones, but you can always buy them.

Examine the boat Trailer Lights

Whenever you hook up the boat trailer to your vehicle, make sure to check the trailer lights to see if they are working properly. Notice if you see them going dim, flickering, or not working at all. There may be a problem with the trailer light connection, or the light might not be properly grounded.

You should always cover the trailer light connection with a plastic cap that you can find at any auto store. This will prevent the metal pins from getting corroded. If there is a problem with the grounding, look for the white wire and fix it to the trailer frame with a bolt or screw. Make sure that there is no rust on the bolt; otherwise, there won’t be a strong connection.

These are all the steps you need to take care of to keep your boat trailer in good shape. Don’t overlook the importance of inspecting your boat trailer, because it allows you to transport your boat safely.