battery issues


Battery issues should not be ignored. If the engine of your vehicle is turning over but does not start, it is more than likely the battery. Most of the time is the battery that does not have enough volts to have the vehicle run efficiently. Try to use jumper cables to get the vehicle running again. Make sure to have the engine run at least thirty minutes to help the battery be effective. If the vehicle cannot stay running, try to bring it in so we can inspect the battery for you.


Turn off accessories

Also be aware of the accessories in the vehicle. If you notice there are no lights or the radio does not work, it could indicate that the battery is going dead. If the vehicle does not have enough power to work the lights, crank the engine, or turn over the engine, you may need the battery replaced.

The Amps on the battery


On the battery, there should be a label that says cold cranking amps. Those amps are responsible for giving the engine enough energy to get started the first time of the day. This time is typically referred to as cold cranking. If there is an issue with starting the vehicle, bring it in so we can inspect the battery for you.



No matter what the battery issues you notice with the vehicle, it is important to schedule an appointment with us so we can inspect everything for you. By having regular maintenance done, you can help improve the reliability and performance of the vehicle. Having battery issues fixed will help improve the reliability for the vehicle.