Inspections for your Vehicle

Having inspections done for the battery is one of the most important things you can do for your vehicle. If you are not sure how often the battery should be inspected or tested, make sure that you contact us. These inspections help to determine the issue it might have. We will be able to advise you on when this should be done. Having the battery properly inspected will allow it to last as long as possible and keep it efficient. When the battery is starting to loose charge or fail, you will want to replace is as soon as possible. By checking the owner’s manual or contacting us, we can recommend when the battery should be inspected and tested.

Signs that Inspections are Needed

The first sign you may notice with the battery is how the vehicle starts. If it is slow or difficult to start, this could be a result of a poor battery. Cold temperatures can do significant damage to the battery. The colder temperatures cause more damage to the battery than the hot summer heat. So during the fall, you will want to check the battery and make sure it is properly secure. If the terminal connections are loose or damaged, then the connection will not be as secure. Also remember to look for any corrosion. If there is some, you will want to make sure it is cleaned off.

Testing the Battery

You can help prolong the life of your battery by making sure to have it tested by us. We can check to see if it is operating efficiently for your vehicle. Inspections are key in making sure that it will be reliable for you this winter. Besides the battery, the starter and alternator can be to blame as well. So having a professional inspect the vehicle can help determine what the source of the problem could be for your vehicle. It can also help keep your vehicle dependable as well.