Always be alert and aware of any deer as you drive. Since accidents can happen in a split second, always pay attention to the road and the ditches. Each year, over 4 billion dollars is spent on damage from hitting them. There are also over 1.2 million collisions with a deer that are reported. This not only can be dangerous, but also costly when repairing the vehicle.

Deer crossing the road

As deer like to cross the road no matter what part of the day it is, it mostly happens in the evenings or early mornings. Driving near a field, trees, or wooded area will increase the chance of them crossing the road. By staying alert and checking ditch to ditch when driving, the chance of hitting one is reduced. If deer are near the road grazing or standing, be aware of anything that crosses the road. Also look for crossing signs, as these will indicate where it likely occurs. This may be near trees since they will obstruct the view of any deer running to the road.

If one runs in front of you, it is best to hit it or slam on the brakes. Make sure to never swerve into the other lane of traffic. This can cause an accident with another vehicle, and even cause a pileup depending on the traffic. Hitting a deer causes less damage than hitting a car. Even running over a deer that is already dead on the road can cause damage. If it is a buck with antlers, it can rip parts under the vehicle, or puncture the fuel tank. When in doubt, slow down and drive on the should of the road to avoid running over it. By driving safe, you can prevent an accident and costly repair bills with your vehicle.