Since April is National Car Care Month, now is a great time to have your vehicle inspected. As you bring it in, we can have a bumper to bumper inspection done for it. This is the most beneficial way to notice if there are any issues starting to form. We will also be able to determine if a part needs to be repaired or replaced. Following regular maintenance will also help prolong the life of the vehicle. These tasks can include oil changes, tire rotations, or even fluid flushes. Also be aware with any odd issues or problems you notice from your vehicle. Any sign of an issue should always be looked at to prevent further damage.

April Care

One of the first things to remember is to follow the oil change schedule for your vehicle. This will help keep the engine operating as smoothly as possible. If there is any dirt or pollutants in the oil, this will only do damage to the engine if it gets in. Also make sure to have the oil filter changed on a regular basis. Doing so will help the fresh clean oil moving through to lubricate the engine and moving parts. If you notice that the oil light illuminates on the dashboard, make sure to schedule an appointment. This could mean a more serious issue.


Car care also deals with things you may not think of, such as the lights or blinkers. These are important because of the safety they provide you and those around you. If you need to turn, other drivers will need to be aware of the direction you are turning. Check the lights and blinkers when at home by parking next to a garage or building. This way you can check the headlights. You can turn on each blinker and get out and walk around the vehicle to check the signals. If you notice any problems with the lights, call us for an appointment so we can repair them for a safer drive.