air conditioning

The air conditioning system of your vehicle helps to keep you and your passengers cool and comfortable. If the system goes out, you may find it hot and humid on a sunny day. If you start to notice an issue, make sure to contact us. Bring the vehicle in, and we can inspect it for you. This will help to ensure the vehicle is efficient, while also keeping the air conditioning working like it should.

Air conditioning maintenance

There are some maintenance tips you should do for the air conditioning. Make sure to replace your cabin air filter. The cabin air filter looks similar to the engine air filter. They look very similar, but perform different functions. If the air conditioner does not blow cold air, examine the cabin air filter. Many cars offer access to the cabin air filter via the rear of the glove box, but check your owner’s manual to make sure. Without a clean filter, there’s little chance your car will be able to circulate the air necessary to cool things down inside.

Check the cooling fan

Examine the cooling fan relay as well. Check the electrically powered cooling fan to make sure the relay is not corroded or has a bad connection. Wires run through this plastic device and are exposed to the elements. Disconnect the relay, clean off any corrosion and reconnect. Many times, this easy procedure will get your cooling fan running like it should.

Don’t forget the Condenser

Check the condenser for the vehicle. This component is right near the radiator. Road debris can clog up the condenser. Remove it, and then run a flashlight behind the condenser to see if it is dirty. This will highlight any obstacles inside, which in turn diminishes airflow. Use some engine cleaner and a regular garden hose to clean off the condenser. Re-install the part, and test the air conditioning again.