Why the Radiator Might Have An Issue


Radiator repairs are one of the more dramatic malfunctions that you may have to deal with as a driver. Since the heat and pressure that’s contained within the cooling system, these types of problems are what we associate with the stereotypical cloud of steam coming from under a disabled car’s open hood.

Air can become trapped in the cooling system, which restricts the flow of coolant and reduces its efficiency. If your car seems to be running hot, you might want to see about having the cooling system bled to remove possible air bubbles.

Leaks from the system

Leaks in the radiator itself are harder to locate and repair than problems with hoses. Look for bubbles or steam coming from the radiator to signal the location of a leak. Leaky radiators can sometimes be patched, but make sure to schedule an appointment with us.

How it works

The cooling system uses a pump to move the coolant throughout the engine in order to regulate the temperature. Water moves through the radiator, past the pump, into the engine and then is forced back into the radiator. If the water pump fails, the water no longer circulates properly and the car will overheat.

Maintenance is important

It is always important to bring your vehicle in for regular maintenance inspections. This way we can check the parts and components of the vehicle to ensure they are in the best condition possible for you. If you notice an issue between visits, make sure to schedule an appointment with us. By noticing an issue at the first sign, you can help to prevent further damage, wear, and stress to the parts of the vehicle. Even if it is a small issue, repairing it at the first sign helps the longevity of your vehicle. It will also help your vehicle to be more reliable when you will need to drive this winter.