Author: Mike Burns

Having an Efficient Battery During the Winter

  When owning a vehicle, there are several parts and components that will need to be inspected on a regular basis. When temperatures drop to near freezing, you will want to inspect the tires of your vehicle, and also the

Start the New Year by Proper Car Care

  When you own a car, you will want it to always be safe and reliable when you drive it. One of the most important things you can do is to make sure that it is brought in for regular

Winter Maintenance is Important for your Car

The winter means you will have to drive on snow and ice. If you are not aware of what the road conditions might be, you could be driving on poor roads unexpectedly. Before you travel, make sure that you check

Winter Weather Affects your Vehicle

  In the winter, the weather and temperatures can affect your vehicle in one way, shape, or form. During times where the road may be slick, salt is put on the roadways. This will then get on your vehicle if

Winter Inspections for your Vehicle

  When you drive in the winter, you will encounter less than ideal roads at some point. These can be snow covered, slippery, or even have black ice. As snow accumulates on the road, it can build up and freeze.

Winter Weather Means Driving Slow

  The winter weather can sometimes be difficult to drive in. You should always make sure to check the weather conditions before you plan on driving, especially a long distance. If you notice the weather might be less than perfect,

Keeping the Windshield Clear

  In the winter, you will want to make sure that your vehicle is clean and clear of all snow, ice, and frost. If you do not, then the visibility when you drive will be impaired. This will also make

Winter Weather Means Driving Slower

Winter can bring along any type of weather. This can range from rain to snow, including sleet and ice. You will want to make sure you are prepared to drive on any road condition that you might have to. The

Winter Tire Care

  The winter can bring new challenges to both you and your car. First, you will have to change some driving habits you have. It is important to slow down and be aware of the road conditions. If the roads

Cautious Driving this Winter

  Driving in the winter months can be more challenging than the rest of the time of the year. This mostly deals with the weather and road conditions as you travel. It can be beneficial if you check the weather